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Whoa, this is the best. [28 Mar 2005|06:10pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Put your playlist on shuffle and list the first twenty five songs, including artist, putting 'In My Pants' at the end of every song titleCollapse )

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--but I didn't have a mountain, I had a livejournal. [03 Feb 2005|01:58pm]

[ mood | loved ]

--Haha, those pesky Irish squirrels and their abilities to annoy people.

In other news, I'd also like to announce that Ms. Burton and I are currently dating, and that she's quite a handful in the bed room.

More on that story...Collapse )

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Finally! A places for those who love thong-wearing-petes! [11 Nov 2004|10:57pm]

[ mood | elated ]

I saw the whole "thong-wearing-petes" interest and, since Petey in thongs is my absolute number one fetish (followed closely by the Excalibur and butt plugs) I really thought I should join. :D

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Debating is fun. (When I win.) [23 Apr 2004|07:17pm]

[ mood | okay ]

An almightly AM hours debate between Leon and myself. Phil was there too. >.>

The Debate About Nothing, Yet Something

Enjoy. If you're bored enough to read it. xD.

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w00t. <-- What exactly does that mean? [22 Apr 2004|06:44pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Look at me. I'm posting in this thing. I'm the only one to post in this thing since .. March. xD.

I have nothing of importance to share, other than .. Look at my creepy friend .. Leon o__o

Aye. He's special.

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Oi... [15 Mar 2004|03:13pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

In the list of interests for this community, there is 'thong-wearing-Petes'. Would you be so kind as to remove that my dear CW? I'm sure no one cares what type of underware I'm often found in ._.;;;; *is feeling like a piece of meat once again*

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Mushroom, mushroom! [13 Mar 2004|12:25am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Snake, snake! Oh, it's a snake! Oh, the memories. Y'see, my friends and I stumbled across that months ago, and had it stuck in all of our heads for longer than was even remotely amusing. -.-;

Love the Potter Puppet Pals, though. 'Bother bother bother bother!' xD 'Naked time!'

On a different note, in the past two days I've sunk to the lowest level of having no life. M'friends were away for work experience for a couple days longer than I, so I couldn't even fall into my usual boredom ritual of blasting Nirvana and lying in my crawlspace talking to my Lisa for hours on end. Rogue wants her Lisa. T_T *pouts*

Happy birthday, again, to Petey! You may be half way to forty, but you're only...erm...a quarter of the way to eighty? xD

Rogue's going t'go now. It's 12:24am and she actually has to get up tomorrow -morning-...Go figure.

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Fun Links [13 Mar 2004|12:42am]

[ mood | chipper ]

If you want to annoy and torture yourself (or others!), go here: http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com/

Potter Puppet Pals! Fun! And educational... kinda. o.O;;; : http://www.potterpuppetpals.com

Have fun. And badger badger badger!! (Mushroom, mushroom!)

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It's Mah Birthday! [13 Mar 2004|12:06am]

[ mood | giggly ]

If the title didn't tip you off, it is now offically my birthday! xD

I'm at CWs house, the girl is crazy, and we felt the need to post something. After annoying Phil for awhile, we soon grew bored, and are now up to date.

As Kristin, one of the girls I work with said, I'm half way to forty ~.~ Positive outlook, ne?

CW is demanding that as a birthday present, I be given Joel and Phils phone number. Again, the girl is crazy. I'd like it for sheer amusement, while she'd just like to yell at you verbally.

CW also claims that birthday spankings are pending, and is emphasizing the fact that she gets to do it, NOT Joel...Takes away all my fun she does ^_~

CW: Eeeew! Cyber spank! Males are inferior to the well practiced hands of women!!!1!!one!!!

...Moving along...

I think that's enough rambling for now.

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Initiation!!! (a la Pete and CW - poor Phil XD) [12 Mar 2004|11:29pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

MatekiSadanShya: Sorry about that. Computer
disconnected me from AIM for some strange reason.

Petey Neesama: Interesting. o.O CW's
abusing me. ._.

MatekiSadanShya: That's nice. o_O How

Petey Neesama: She's molesting me. ._.;;;
If you couldn't tell, we're on the same computer... as in the same
house. And it's CW typing.

MatekiSadanShya: Ah.

Petey Neesama: CW wants to know where Joel
is 'cause she wants to yell at him. 'Cause that's what she

MatekiSadanShya: He's out drinking at the

Petey Neesama: ('Course I can always yell at you.)

Petey Neesama: How nice. o.O

MatekiSadanShya: Yes, I suppose so. But what
for? o_O

Petey Neesama: (He's an ass. Yep yep.) She's weird. And violent. Run.

MatekiSadanShya: Ah. >_>

MatekiSadanShya: Do you mind my asking where
you got my AIM adress? XD

Petey Neesama: From your LJ. ^__~
(She's a stalker...)

MatekiSadanShya: Ah. I forgot I listed it in

Petey Neesama: (Well that was pretty stupid of you.)

Petey Neesama: Ignore her.

MatekiSadanShya: -cough- So how are you two

Petey Neesama: I'm good! Dimetapp is my friend. And such. And
Pete has a present for you! I do...? Right.
The community... Wanna join a community on LJ that has no real
purpose other than to hold our inane babblings? ^^;;;

MatekiSadanShya: I suppose. o_O

Petey Neesama: http://www.livejournal.com/community/babblebabble
There ya go. ^^ JOIN!!!!!! Or I'll eat you. o.O;;;

MatekiSadanShya: Alright, I joined. I don't
quite understand the point of it, but I joined.

Petey Neesama: You're so fun! ...

Petey Neesama: There doesn't need to be a point. In fact,
pointlessness is the catalyst which binds us all and... gives us the
ultimate point. o.O ... -.-

MatekiSadanShya: ...That was interesting.
Sounds like something Joel would say.

Petey Neesama: You did NOT! *Snarls and spits.* *Laughs her ass off.* Might wanna reattach
that, hon. o.O;;;

MatekiSadanShya: ...

Petey Neesama: Anyway. How are you

Petey Neesama: Did you ever USE that bat?

Petey Neesama: HALF AN HOUR!!! *Angry
squirrel noise - made in a joyous fashion.*

MatekiSadanShya: Okay I suppose. Yourself?
It's your birthday tomorrow, correct? And no; I play baseball now and
then. Joel apparently just likes to make things up about me abusing
him as oyu can tell from his LJ avatars.

Petey Neesama: Do squirrels throw up?

MatekiSadanShya: I have no idea. I've never
seen a squirrel vomit if that's what your asking. o_O

Petey Neesama: You really should beat him, though. It would do a
whole world of good. That boy needs to know his place. Like you.
You seem to be a good boy. *Pat pat.*

Petey Neesama: Well why not? Not a
woodsman, eh?

MatekiSadanShya: It yet again disconnected

Petey Neesama: *Pat pat.* Kick it. Hard.

MatekiSadanShya: ...

Petey Neesama: Hey, it works! I just slap
That's because you're kinky.

MatekiSadanShya: That's...nice. >_>

Petey Neesama: I'm not kinky. I just like
being... affectionate. >__>
Riiiight. And I'm NOT a
nympho. Okaaaay.

MatekiSadanShya: o_O So, what were we
talking about before AIM closed itself?

Petey Neesama: Nymphomania and all the heretofore goings on of the
subject. We were talking about squirrels
throwing up! ^^

MatekiSadanShya: Not really much of a
subject. o_O

Petey Neesama: No. But on the topic of
squirrels, how come no one's afraid when they're on hydro wires, but
when birds come along, everyone's paranoid? As in being shat upon,
that is.
Nymphomania makes the world go round. 'Specially in
the majority of Utah. Damned polygamy.

MatekiSadanShya: I honestly have no idea. I
don't really notice either. And I was unaware of that...

Petey Neesama: ...if you're not gonna take part in the absurdity
of the conversation, boy, I'll... do something. I'll think of that
something later, but. Yeah. SOMETHING. Where
do they go to the bathroom?!

MatekiSadanShya: It's very hard to come up
with a reply to your messages. o_O They're all very random...

Petey Neesama: Such is life. *Pokes.* Now be witty. You'll earn
brownie points. Mmm hmm. All right. How's
the weather? In BC? It's damned cold out here. It be

MatekiSadanShya: I have to leave in a little
bit; so I think I'd best log off. Perhaps we should continue this
conversation later?

Petey Neesama: Sure, sweet cheeks. ^___~ Ciao. Bai bai! *Snug.* Sorry if CW frightened you.
XD *Smooch.*

MatekiSadanShya: oO; Bye.

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